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色鉛筆Art with Devanāgarī


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Saraswati Vina

Saraswati Vina

This is a musical instruments of india, called [Vina], drew with being likened to beautiful swan.

Imagine that this is for Musical Divine [Saraswati], she hold vina and sing and play it.


2020-02-21 12:05:59


The snake it lookes like cobra called in sanskrit,[Adishesh].

it's a constant companion of supreme God, [Narayana].

 Load Narayana often reclines on it.

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Rama is Known as a one of famous Hindu god.(called Rama or Râm.)
He is so brave and he has a read eyes like a fire or red roses.

The arrow is one of his sacred weapons and symbol in indian myth,[Ramayana].


2020-02-21 11:46:36
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